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virginia. rescue crews have finished drilling the first hole, but there is still no response from the four workers trapped under ground since monday's deadly mine explosion. katherine brown has the latest from west virginia. >> reporter: crews are making steady progress, drilling down into the west virginia mine where four men are still missing. >> they decided to put a third hole beside it, because that will give them more ability to extract, if you will, and vent. >> they are cutting through a thousand feet of earth to ventilate poisonous gases. >> if you are a miner under ground and heard the drill drilling, you knew people would be coming after you. >> monday's massive under ground explosion killed 25 miners and sent two to the hospital. four other men have not been located and the hope is that they made it to an airtight chamber stocked with food and water. the families are comforting one another as they wait for any word from under ground. some 15,000 west virginiaens work in the mines and live with the dangers every day. >> when a man goes under, he knows, you know, that that
. it shows him with a slight lead over bob ehrlich. >>> despite the rough economy, score one for virginia. a major defense contractor is moving its headquarters from california to the commonwealth. kristin fisher has more from arlington on northrop grumman's big move. >> reporter: both virginia and maryland have been courting northrop grumman since last january when the company announced they wanted to move the headquarters from california to the washington area. yesterday the company announced it had made its decision. northrop grumman will be moving to one of two locations in northern virginia. either a site out at dulles airport or right here in crystal city, which is already home to several defense contractors and of course we can't forget that it is practically next door to the pentagon. here's what the ceo and president of northrop grumman had to say about the move on monday. he said -- northrop grumman is one of the largest defense and global security contractors in the world. they do everything from aerospace, electronics, information system and ship buildings and the biggest clie
eastern ohio in to west virginia. that's where we will be watching this afternoon. if you are traveling south, you have hit the warmth jackpot. in the 50s but in the 70s near 80 in rich monday and norfolk. we will talk about how it will impact us the rest of the afternoon and the rest of the week when i see you at 12:15. >> thank you. >>> the cleanup continues in mississippi after a string of tornadoes ravaged that state killing at least ten people on saturday 6700s of home and businesses in rural mississippi were destroyed. the devastation has taken an emotional toll on those affected. >> i kept crying this morning. my husband kept saying what's wrong? i had to go in to town and buy a few things and everybody was saying something to you. well, what else can you do? if everybody keeps mentioning it, you know, you are going to cry. >> reporter: after hitting mississippi the storms continued to alabama where two deaths are blamed on the weather there. >>> a local university is investigating an alleged sexual assault on campus. this happened over the weekend at george mason university our
power is working to restore electricity to 1758 customers in northern virginia. >>> the storms that struck overnight left a mess in its wake. our kristin fisher has more from northeast washington. >> reporter: high winds and heavy rain brought down several trees and power lines overnight around the d.c. area. one of the biggest downed trees that we found is right here on neil street in northeast d.c. just look at this thing. this thing came down yesterday evening, and it's absolutely huge. it fell on several town homes in northeast d.c. as you can see. you can even see that it's really uprooted the entire tree and caused quite the problem for this sidewalk here. a lot of the sidewalk is gone. if you look at the street, you see the giant chunks of concrete all over the street. now, i spoke with the owner of this town home right here this pink town home. her name is paula lee. she says she just got a new roof six months ago. now she has to get another one. she's just happy to be alive. >> i was in the tub getting ready to go to sleep. it was about 8:15. i heard this boom, and my
the students sold the materials for 3 to $15. >>> this is the third anniversary of the shooting at virginia tech. the governor rang a bell at the capital this morning to mark the solemn occasion. this -- it was on this date in 2007 that a gunman opened fire on a campus. 27 students and 5 professors died and two dozen others were injured. there will be a candle light vigil tonight in blacksburg. >>> the virginia tech alumni association is hosting a blood drive today. it is going to be at the virginia tech northern virginia center on haycock road on falls church. the drive runs from 3:00 this afternoon until 8:00 tonight. at sundown there will be a candle light vigil also held in front of the grad center. >>> sky 9 over the scene of a truck crash. a utility work truck on the drawbridge this morning. it pushed half of the tanker over the side of the bridge. neither driver was seriously injured and luckily the tanker was empty. the cause of the collision is unknown. officials have not said when that bridge will reopen. >>> now to a different kind of traffic trouble. it is ash caused by a volcan
to that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. crews have been ordered out of the coal mine because of dangerous gases. the crews were searching for four miners trapped after monday's deadly gas explosion. 25 people were killed. most of the bodies remain under ground. officials say the crews were just a thousand feet from the rescue chamber when they were ordered out of the mine. >> we know we've had trouble in this area before. it was the same area where rescuers were pulled out the night that this occurred. and again, we aren't saying that this is a setback, it's not something that they won't get back in. >> right now, workers are drilling another hole to increase clean air to circulate through that mine. our coverage of the mine explosion is continuing on our website, >>> you can watch interviews with some of the victims families and you can learn more about the push for mine safety reform. president barack obama was in prague this morning for the historic signing of a nuclear arms treaty with russia. the president met with the russian president and the two signed a treaty to shr
'agata, cbs news, london. >>> federal investigators in west virginia to find out how 29 workers were killed in a coal mine. the investigators will be looking at the mine's safety record because the mine had more than 400 safety violations last year. industry experts admit that federal regulators to not have the power to shut down mines quickly. >> if you are not using that information about history of violation, if you are not using that to ensure that miners are not put at risk, it is too much. >> funerals of some of the men will begin over weekend. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking residents to join west virginia in a moment of silence at 3:30 this afternoon. >>> a teenager involved in a mass shooting is due in court today. he has been charged with killing jordan howe on march 22nd. eight days later, four people were killed in a drive-by shooting. his brother, another man and a juvenile have been charged in that shooting. orlando carter and sims have a hearing that is scheduled for thursday. >>> still to come on 9 news now, hundreds are homeless after a fire ripped through an apar
there because she was there. >> dr. height was born in richmond, virginia on march 24th, 1912. after graduating from new york university with a master's degree in educational psychology, she found the ywca's center for racial justice in 1938. from 1947 until 1956 dr. height was elected the national president of delta sigma sorority and from 1947 to 1998 she served as the president of the national council of negro women. our coverage of the death of dr. dorothy height continues on our website, and of course we will have complete coverage on 9 news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. >>> the district's water and sewer authority is telling residents in some areas not to drink water because of the higher than normal chlorine concentration. the areas affected are bounded by macarthur boulevard on the west, western and eastern avenues on the north, the amtrak railroad tracks on the east, and upshire street on the east side of rock creek and calvert street to observatory circle and w street on the west side of rock creek. >>> banking giant goldman sachs reports it earned $3.3 billion in the first thr
killed in a gas explosion in the west virginia mine. >>> a new bill in the u.s. senate would weaken dc's gun law. if approved the bill would make it easier for city residents to buy gun and ammunition and also do away with the city's registration and firearms storage mandate. the district banned handguns in the city for 32 years before a 2008 ruling overturned it. >>> one man is dead after what's being called a gun battle in a laurel apartment complex. investigators say the shooting started on conte road and ended up in an apartment on finchly lane. police are trying to piece together what happened. the victim's name has not yet been released. >>> a homeless virginia man told police someone set him on fire. police say david mould was sleeping under the fredericksburg bridge on saturday. he was unable to describe a suspect. he is hospitalized in critical condition. investigators are looking at the possibility that mould's own cigarettes caused the fire. >>> families in one prince william county neighborhood are on edge. that's because police say a man tried to abduct two brothers monday
news from maryland. a tour bus accident on the inter loop near virginia has shut down the american legion bridge. we are taking a look at the wreck in the southbound liens. at least 10 people have complained of injuries and right now both sides of the beltway are backed up. >>> metro has safety issues at capitol hill. government reform is holding a hearing to examine some the challenges facing the agency which runs metro. our 9 news new christian fischer has more. >> reporter: the committee is addressing three key issues facing metro, safety, budget and the search for new leadership. those are the same issues discussed with maryland, virginia and the district that is governor martin o'malley and adrian pennify. they currently oversee metro. it calls for an increase in oversight of metro. >> we have an obligation and we would like to have more direct oversight and not last. and that was the bottom line coming out of today's discussions. >> now, today's hearing comes on the heels of deadly accidents in the system over the past year. on the top is safety. another item on the table is
:30 at in oakton, virginia. >>> maryland senator ben cardin is one of six lawmakers on captiol hill trying to stop spirit airlines from charging for carry-on bags. spirit says that the airline -- or cardin says the airlines are just trying to get around paying taxes by shifting costs to passengers. spirit wants to start to charge $45 at the gate for any carry on bag that does not fit under the passenger's seat. people that we spoke to at reagan national airport were surprised. >> it is criminal. why would anyone want to fly with this airline? >> it is another hidden charge to the passengers. so i think it is silly. i try to pack in my carry on and i would be unhappy if an airline tried to charge me for that. >> reporter: spirit says it lowered the fares to counterbalance the carry on charge and adds many customers will actually end up paying less. >>> this is the time of the year when just about everyone is doing some spring cleaning and the phoebe elementary school in hurst park will help you. on saturday you can take unwanted electronics, audio cassettes, cell phones and other devices to the sch
. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he is pleased with the general assembly's one- day special session. yesterday 90% of his budget amendment made it through the house and the senate. and that includes restrictions on abortion funding, and a hike in speeding fines. but the proposal for cuts in funding for at-risk teens and cuts for public radio and television stations were not approved. >>> in maryland, state senator ulysses currie is under investigation for the use of his campaign account. the maryland board of elections ask think state prosecutor to see if the prince georges county democrat improperly used $53,000 for non-campaign use. currie is the chairman of the maryland budget and taxation committee. >>> passengers stranded at dulles airport because of the icelandic volcano are finally getting a chance to come home because this morning united airlines had a flight in london that departed on time at 9:30. and late yesterday, the first flight from london to bwi marshall airport in six days actually touched down. passengers were happy to be home. >> i mean we were like thrilled watc
pgh >>> a virginia teenager has been accused of trying to kill her father with poison punch. prince william county police say the 17th years old put a household cleaner in a gallon of fruit punch and then returned it to the refrigerator. the teen also is charged with destruction of property after she allegedly stabbed furniture. police say no one was florida. >> we have the latest in dc's mass shooting investigation. according to police they're desperately looking for a 4th suspect. in tuesday's deadly shooting. the rampage left four dead and five others florida. police call it the worst shooting in washington dc in more than 15 years. investigators think it all began nearly two weeks ago with another shooting over a missing bracelet. three suspects are already in custody. one of the suspects is 14 years old. we're told that he walked away from a juvenile correction's facility just hours before the shooting. a man who knows the teenager spoke with audrey barns and calls the youth detention system just a revolving door. >> once they leave there, they either graduated to the adult sys
shook parts of southwestern virginia this morning. the 2.5 magnitude trembler struck seven miles northwest of raven, virginia. there are no injuries or property damage reported. >>> today maryland governor ' oh maley will sign in to law the bills passed by the legislature. yesterday was the final day of session. the governor talked about what he thought was the biggest achievement. >> i was very elated to see the foreclosure bill go through so that every homeowner will have the ability to bring the mortgage companies to the table before they can be thrown out of their home. that one i'm very excited about. >> reporter: while the session ended at midnight with plenty done on the last day. drivers in maryland will soon be required to use a hands-free device or face a $40 fine. new laws will make it easier to prosecute gang members. plus, some major sex offenders will be required to have lifetime supervision. you can read about the final day by going to the maryland news page on our website at >>> one man is dead and another wounded and police want to find out who was res
and suspiciously in woodbridge, virginia. prince william county police are trying to get some answers. they say they received a 911 call around 9:00 p.m. last night from a townhouse on cedar. the child was unresponsive. was taken to the hospital where he later died. police have released the name of the child, but we are withholding that information because at this point, there is no indication of foul play. >>> we have an update on the five virginia member suspected of terrorism in pakistan. day one of their trial ended yesterday. the men who have been dubbed the dc five are accused of plotting attacks, but they deny the charges and they say that they were tortured in jail. they used to worship at this mosque until they went missing in november. a month later, they were arrested in pakistan. the father of one of the suspects was in court yesterday. >> they are innocent, so they would prove innocent. >> how? why are you so positive? >> because i'm innocent, that's why i'm positive. >> in convicted, the dc five could face life in prison. >>> today is census day. and the census director was at
virginia governor is asking for the same investigator who handled the sago mine disaster to look at last week's deadly mine explosion. jay david mcateer is the former head of the u.s. mine and safety administration. so he will head up the investigation. federal officials say upper big branch should have received a warning letter in october about a potential pattern of safety violations, but a computer program failed to include eight citations at the mine. >>> coming up next on 9 news now at noon, a good samaritan is nearly killed after she stopped to help a man in the middle of the street, and it was all caught on tape. >> she sort of stopped and pulled back and said, oprah doesn't see art. not happening for oprah. >> doesn't sound like america's talk show queen. a new biography paint answer unflattering picture of oprah including a diva-like episode that occurred here in the district. we'll be right back. >>> a dc police officer is fine after a carjacking, but his service weapon is in the hands of criminals. this happened on monday night in east baltimore. the unidentified officer says
this year. the multistate game is also played in maryland and virginia. >>> a fairly ordinary looking office building in arlington's courthouse neighborhood is anything but that. it's trying to win a national competition among eco friendly buildings. alex trevino has an inside look at today's living green report. >> reporter: this office building at 1 a 525 wilson boulevard in arlington is one of 14 buildings in the country come peel peteing in the energy star national building competition. >> over a course of 12 months this building will weigh in and measure their energy use and take a look at what they need to do to become more efficient. >> reporter: the tenants who occupy a section of the sixth floor are making a big difference as they work off waste, and prove their firm commitment in the fight against climate change. >> as you can see it is not a traditional space. it is all open. the lights are on timers to be efficient. so that if someone doesn't come through in a while the lights turn off. >> stephen gardeners is the vice president of the aluminum association. he says the open space
killed an 18-year- old college student from front royal, virginia. police in houston, texas say gun fire erupted after a fight at a late-night party on saturday. freshman, joshua mcnickels died from a gunshot wound to the back. another student was shot in the ankle. >>> a student from our area has been charged with murder. investigators say 21-year-old tyrone hall shot two men during a confrontation yesterday morning. police say the shootings happened after a fight at an off-campus party. 20-year-old brandon carroll of waldorf, maryland died. 21-year-old ellis hartridge of washington was shot in the stomach but is expected to survive. >>> shaw middle school students return to school this morning for the first time since hearing word that their principal was found murdered in his silver spring home. kristin fisher has more now from northwest washington. >> reporter: it was a very emotional return to school for students and teachers right here at shaw middle school. when they arrived, they found this memorial to principal brian betts outside of the main entrance to the school. candles line
on the sunset. up to 74. 74 bwi. 72 # 3 eastern maryland. and stanton, virginia in the shenandoah valley 81. locally, though, we are at 76, one of the warmer spots in arlington and bethesda, columbia, easton at 77. brandywine, 79 and in fairfax you are 70, reston 78. reagan national having a great day out there, 72. the winds are south at 8. a couple of clouds. mostly sunny. and the dew point, the dew point is creeping up. in the 80s yesterday morning. it is creeping up. that's a sign the humidity wants to return. show you something that is interesting here. nasa has a terra satellite. high resolution cameras on this thing. this is the gulf coast. mobile bay here. you have lake ponchartrain, new orleans and the mouth of the river. this is the oil slick from that disaster that's going on in the gulf of mexico with the explosion of the oil drill and rig. well, you can see, looks like the size of jamaica. this is the mouth of the mississippi river and the oil is extending to it that's why they are racing against time to do what they can to be prepared because some of this will come on shore an
in norfolk, virginia. five of the suspects were captured in march after attacking the uss nicholas. the remaining pirates attacked the uss ashland less than two weeks ago. so far, no charges have been filed against the suspects. >>> coming up next, howard with the weekend forecast. >>> if we could only keep this going. we are going to get some rain and that will help with the allergy update but still, today the tree pollen is very high. the grass and the mold spores are low. weeds are absent. rain coming. we will tell you when it will be here and what temperatures will do to respond, as well. it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. (man) susan g. komen 3-day for the cure. register today or request information and a free promise ring at i walk to show that breast cancer didn't beat me. i am a pink warrior because i want to see an end to this disease. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a l
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